IronMedia Ltd. excels in video productions (corporate, documentaries, TV advertisements, training videos and more), website production, photography and graphic design. Our mission is to help our client to stand out in their competed markets. We achieve this by listening to our customers in finding out their goals and needs. “Together” is our core value and quality is our mission.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help.

NEWS We will soon be launching an online training website. The site will be focusing on marketing and sales. Media training is

included with special focus on performing before a camera. More info coming soon.

We serve you and add value.


Do you need help with storytelling? Do you need a video to boost sales or launch a new product? IronMedia is here to help.

We can help you to create a story. With a clear message and a well-executed visual storyline your company will impress existing clients and find new clientele.

Will it be via a document a video show? Do you need to set up online training? TV ads, social media ads, music videos, sound? We can deliver all this and more.

Compositions and angles on thousands of TV shows.


Have you ever wondered, "Our website needs freshening up." We’ll find out what kind of style and content speaks to your target group.

IronMedia uses the IronSite webpublishing system. It allows for a hassle free update process. IronSite publishing system is highly

responsive and flexible. With IronSite and fresh visuals we will produce you a new look that pleases both you and your customers,

highlighting your values.

Räätälöimme verkkosivut sinun tarpeitasi varten.


Photography and moving pictures contain a lot of similarities in terms of lighting, compositions and point of view. Therefore it is smart to produce both at the same time.

Visual story adds value to your company's communications.

TV work at the 2018 Olympics; experts Kimmo Timonen and Tuomo Ruutu.

With the power of photographs, stories on the path to success.


IronMedia proudly presents Ironduck.

IronDuck brings togerher IronMedia's functional designs. IronDuck is a hero of a fellar, meaning it doesn't bend before a challenge, but takes it head on. Ironduck gives your product a sharp look. Ironduck is trustworthy.

You can call IronDuck 24-7. Ironduck immediately starts scanning the environment to see both the whole and the details. With his flying shield, he transports the person in need to a better place where the sun never stops shining.

Ironduck is a power figure.

Let's understand your needs and take up the challenge enthusiastically.


IronMedia LTD.
y-tunnus 1750114-3

Iiro Koskelainen 

Viitalanniementie 108

35800 MÄNTTÄ

Puh. 044 080 5637

Iiro has worked in the audiovisual sector since 1986. Over time, many gems have popped out of Iiro's sleeves. From outside the TV and video industry as well.

In 2004, Iiro returned to his roots and moved back to Mänttä.


IronMedia LTD.
y-tunnus 1750114-3

Klaus “Klade” Nummela
Laajasalonkaari 19 B 2

Puh. 050 526 3810

Klaus has been able to work with video productions and TV shows since 1987. Behind the camera, he has been able to show what a composition really means and how to get the perfect angle every single time.

There is also experience in the implementation of online training, i.e. the coordination of websites and video content.

And let's not forget photography.



Way back in 1987 Iiro Koskelainen absorbed ideas and influences from around the world and implemented them in to his work. Klaus Nummela got involved and took on the challenge of learning new skills and ideas. He got to work for that very company, where Iiro told the story with an intriguing rhythm of images and sound. Iiro's social skills, accuracy and attitude towards life provided a good starting point for learning new things. Enthusiasm and motivation for creating moving pictures was drilled into Klaus’ mind-body anentropies for the rest of his life. Klaus was on a path from which there was no return. All this emulsified into a life-long friendship, out of which IronMedia Ltd. came to be. The company was founded in 2002 in Helsinki, Finland.

There are friends and there are Friends! These two share the enthusiasm for new challenges and a burning desire to improve professionally as well on a personal level.

What do you get? Where lies our strength? How do we create more value for you? Through video productions with video programs in their various formats • photography and editing (freelance cameraman etc.) • advertising (TV ads, social media advertisements, etc.) • website production (websites) • photography and image editing • graphic design

Video and TV productions since the '80s.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are here to help.